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About Us

AlienWheelsUsa.com aims to provide a good experience in riding with a combined high quality of materials and cutting-edge technology. All Self-balancing HoverBoard Scooters are designed to suit every rider’s wants depending on its lifestyle. All products at AlienWheelsUsa.com are safety, portable and easy to drive wherever you want to go. It will make your everyday journey to office, sports and anywhere fun and exciting. 


We are professional online shopping store of Smart Balance Wheel and Self Balancing Hoverboard Scooter. We offer a wide variety of high quality products that suits your needs. The main goal of our company is to continue to provide a variety of new and interesting products for people everywhere that are fun and exciting. Our team is fully dedicated and very passionate to help you with what you need.


Why Choose Us

  1. Provide high quality products with wide selection of Self Balancing HoverBoard Scooters.
  2. Name brand HoverBoards AlienBoard.
  3. Offer the customers the competitive price and great deal in the market.
  4. Give our online shoppers and customers the high quality customer service they deserve.
  5. Deliver the goods with free fast shipping.